*** Urgent: after losing a crucial grant, we need your help to be able to complete this field season. The good news: From April 1 to 25, 2019, your donation of up to $2500 may be matched by the University of Calgary. Sixteen (matched) contributions of $2500 each would do the trick. Or 400 donations of $100 each. The matching fund is limited, so please give early in April. All donations will receive a tax receipt. ***

Donate here: https://netcommunity.ucalgary.ca/wolverines

Massive home ranges and remote habitat – wolverines are elusive and studying them is challenging and expensive. That’s why we know so little about them, which prevents us from developing effective conservation measures. Together we can change this. Generous contributions from people like you enable us to keep going.

How will your contribution make a difference?

  • * For CAD$1.87 (US $1.40), we buy one AA lithium battery – each camera takes 12 of them.
  • * For $57 (US $43), you offset the cost of a security box that protects the cameras from sharp teeth and claws.
  • * For $520 (US $395), you provide us with a Reconyx HP2X infra-red camera that detects shy wolverines that don’t climb, and other visitors such as caribou, wolves, goats or lynx.
  • * For $1750 (US $1330), you cover the costs to make the 4 visits to one of our 120 helicopter-accessed sampling stations.
  • * For $3280 (US $2492), you cover material, technician salary and access costs to install and service one of our 120 heli-accessed sampling stations. This includes the two cameras at each station, plus a bonus DNA analysis for one hair sample collected there.

We are incredibly grateful for all contributions, big or small. It all makes a difference.

Donation Information

*** April 1 – 25, 2019, up to $2500 of your donation will be matched by the University of Calgary. Donate early to ensure matching funds are available. You won’t be notified of the matching during your donation, but you can contact us if you wish to confirm it got matched. ***

From Canada and internationally, make a tax deductible charitable contribution directly to our project.

  • * By Credit Card: Wait until April 1, 2019, then donate here: https://netcommunity.ucalgary.ca/wolverines.
  • * By Cheque:
    • 1. Make a cheque payable to “Governors of the University of Calgary”
    • 2. If you send it in March, post date the cheque to April 1, 2019 and mail it so that it arrives around Apr 1.
    • 3. Mail to: Rin Kobayashi-Wong, Faculty of Science, BI 540, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4
    • 4. Include a note to say that the donation is for the project “Natural and human factors influencing wolverine populations
  • * Questions? Comments? Contact us:

(+1) 403-679-8057 / mirjam.barrueto (at) ucalgary.ca (Mirjam Barrueto, PhD student)


(+1) 403-220-2604 / mmusiani (at) ucalgary.ca (Prof. Marco Musiani, Principal Investigator)

Mountain goats touring the sampling station