• > Over 400 citizen scientists contributed wolverine (animal, track, den) sightings to our website:
  • > In 2020, BC Parks implemented a 400 ha voluntary backcountry skiing closure in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park around one of the wolverine dens identified in 2019. This denning area was first reported by citizen scientists! It was subsequently re-used by a wolverine during the 2020 closure period! Way to go, gulo and backcountry users!
  • > 500 ha at two other denning areas were submitted to the British Columbia Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development (FLNRORD) as candidates for protection as Wildlife Habitat Areas. These will be the first of their kind in the region!


  • > With help from Y2Y, we have told the wolverine conservation story to tens of thousands of people through radio, newsprint and online forums (Since 2019).
  • > We presented to >2000 individuals in communities in the South Columbia Mountains (Fall/winter 2019).
  • > In 2020, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic severely curtailed our operations, however, we were still able to follow up on several reported wolverine dens and identified wolverine denning activity at 2 locations and confirmed reproduction at a third – see the photos below (Spring/Summer 2020)
  • > Both den locations were in remote areas of provincial parks and will not require additional habitat protection.
  • > While field work was shut down, we adapted to pandemic constraints by shifting our focus towards creating best management practices to inform industrial, recreational and tourism operations in wolverine habitat and denning areas (Ongoing).
  • > In the fall of 2020 we are working with Y2Y on a “Wildlife Wise” workshop, for winter recreationists in the south Columbia region. These online workshops will teach winter recreationists about wolverine ecology and will help them in making ethical choices in the backcountry. More on this coming soon!