We would like to thank everyone who has been kindly sending along their wolverine observations.  Please keep those observations coming!  You can enter your observation through our online mapping tool (http://www.rockies.ca/wolverine/maptool.php) or by sending an email to info@wolverinewatch.org including as many details as possible regarding your sighting or observation including: date, time, type of observation and any supporting information. For example, if you saw a wolverine you could report: direction of wolverine’s travel, GPS coordinates of the observation or your approximate geographic location (e.g., Bow Summit), and behaviour of the animal (e.g., running, walking, feeding, etc.). If you saw a track you could report the direction of the wolverine’s travel, size of track, GPS coordinates of observation or approximate geographic location, etc. If you have any photos of wolverine, tracks or scat to share with us, please send them along as well.

We recently received a wolverine observation in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park from David Bynoe (http://www.davidbynoe.com) Check out these photos of this wolverine’s incredible path up a steep slope.  Thanks to David for sharing these photos with us.Tracks3_DBynoetracks1_DBynoe-1024x541