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Wolverine Watch is a citizen-science based approach to: contribute information on wolverine in the Canadian Rockies, increase awareness regarding their status, and recruit volunteers to assist with a large-scale wolverine survey during winter 2010-2011 and 2012-2013..

While alpine climbing or ski touring, many have been inspired by the path of wolverine tracks. Like us, they seem to seek out aesthetic lines and retreat to locations that can only be defined as wild.

"We noticed, going straight up the fall line, the fresh tracks of an animal perhaps the size of a dog. We could not imagine what sort of creature would venture to this place so far from vegetation. At the bench our tracks diverged, the animal apparently determined to go "straight up"."

-W. Tupper, Canadian Alpine Journal 1962

We would like to hear from you if you do see a wolverine, wolverine sign (tracks, scats), or what you think was a wolverine and/or its sign, while traveling in the highcountry. We are also interested in any sightings you've had in the past. Your input will contribute to expanding our knowledge about this enigmatic species of the Canadian Rockies.

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